• A YouTube spokesperson said that using ad blockers may lead to a “suboptimal viewing experience.”
  • Some users also reported lags if they were not using Google Chrome.
  • Users may not be able to watch videos unless they disable ad blockers or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

YouTube’s fight against ad blockers is gaining momentum. The platform is now warning loud and clear that the use of ad blockers may degrade your viewing experience as part of a broader effort to increase ad revenue and paid tier subscriptions.

YouTube, in a statement to Business Insider, said it encourages viewers to opt out of ad blockers and allow ads or subscribe to YouTube Premium, which would get rid of ads altogether. Moreover, those who use ad blockers may not have a good viewing experience.

“To support a diverse ecosystem of creators around the world and enable billions to access the content they love on YouTube, we’re trying to encourage viewers with ad blocking to either allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.” – said a YouTube spokesperson. “Users who have ad blockers installed may experience a suboptimal display regardless of the browser they use.”

The part of YouTube’s statement that mentions “browser-independent” is an apparent response to complaints from some people on social media that they experienced a five-second delay on YouTube if they used browsers other than Google Chrome, a news site that runs on Android. Android authorities reported. Reddit users say they experienced this delay while using it Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. However, according to Android Authority, the problem was not consistently repeated.

YouTube has recently begun to step up its fight against ad blockers. In June 2023, users with an ad blocker turned on began to be prevented from watching videos and supposedly experimented with pop-up warnings. If users ignore these warnings for the three videos, they will no longer be able to watch them until they turn off their ad blockers, he says. Android authorities.

Recently, User Xthey started complaining and sharing screenshots of YouTube pop-ups warning them not to use ad blockers. They also said that YouTube will not play the video until the ad blocker is disabled or the user purchases a YouTube Premium subscription, which starts at $13.99 per month.



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