Banks warns Beyoncé

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Azealia Banks has warned Beyoncé that she is “setting herself up” to be “ridiculed again” by going country.

The 'Break My Soul' hitmaker, 42, confirmed plans to release a country-themed album and released two new singles in a Verizon ad that aired during Super Bowl VIII on Sunday night (2/11/24 ), in which she attempted to break the internet with stunts including a hologram called Beyonc-AI and a movie called Barbey before she declared, “OK, they're ready. Drop the new music. I told everyone that the 'Renaissance' It's not over.”

After the commercial aired, she immediately released two new singles 'Texas Hold Em' and '16 Carriages' and confirmed that 'Renaissance Act II' – the second part of her planned 'Renaissance' trilogy – will arrive on March 29th.

However, not everyone is pleased with the R'n'B superstar's interpretation of country music, namely the outspoken '212' hitmaker, who went so far as to accuse Beyoncé's husband, music mogul Jay- Z, of “intimidating” her into doing this.

The 32-year-old rapper began her Instagram Stories post: “I love you, but those R'n'B beats on Leslie Feist's beats are giving me Pickmesha.

“There’s nothing country about it. You are setting yourself up to be ridiculed again. There is a theatrical element to country music. They [country] critics won't just accept an ugly blonde wig and Jay-Z's bullying. It's giving me a big musical boost. (sic)”

Referring to country star K. Michelle (aka Puddin), 41, she continued: “Yes, black girls can make country music, but you're just not pushing the button.

“K. Michelle, this is your time to really execute. It’s no shade, but K. Michelle really understands the task.”

It turns out that Michelle – whose real name is Kimberly Michelle Pate – is fully supportive of Beyoncé's foray into the country.

She posted on X (formerly Twitter): “You guys have been mentioning me all night.

“I’m really happy to be talked about in my genre. I love Bey and will support her like I always do.”