The workshopa renowned cosmetics company based in the United Kingdom, but a brand with a global presence, has made the decision to close its operations in the United States and is expected to close several stores across Canada after declaring bankruptcy, as reported by CNN.
In an official statement released earlier this month, The Body Shop announced the closure of its US subsidiary, effective March 1. Additionally, it announced that 33 of its 105 stores in Canada will begin liquidation sales immediately. The company also said that online sales through its Canadian e-commerce platform will cease, although all Canadian locations will remain operational for now, according to CNN.
The challenging economic environment, marked by high inflation in recent years, has posed significant obstacles to traditional retailers such as The Workshopmainly those located in shopping malls and serving middle-class consumers.

Founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick, a prominent human rights activist and environmental advocate, The Body Shop has gained recognition for its line of products promoted as natural, sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free. Notably, it was one of the pioneers in implementing a ban on animal testing for many of its offerings.
In 2019, The Body Shop obtained certification as a “B Corp”, reflecting its commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility. In 2023, the company expanded its presence to more than 2,500 points of sale in 80 countries, with products available for purchase online in more than 60 markets.
Despite its initial success, The Body Shop has undergone several ownership changes over the years. Acquired by cosmetics conglomerate L'Oreal in 2006 for more than a billion dollars, it was later sold to Brazilian company Natura in 2017 for a similar amount. However, the brand has encountered challenges in recent times.


According to reports, Natura recognized in early 2023 that The Body Shop was facing significant challenges, experiencing an annual decline in sales of 13.5% in 2022. The company attributed this decline to a challenging business environment and a return to normality in consumption. behavior after the pandemic.
In late 2023, The Body Shop was sold to asset management group Aurelius for approximately $266 million, signaling a significant change in ownership, as reported by CNN.

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