Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a CNET Editors' Choice award, offers hundreds of games you can play on your Xbox Series X or Series S, Xbox One, or PC for $17 per month. With a subscription, you get new games every month (like NBA 2K24) and other benefits like online multiplayer and deals on non-Game Pass titles.

Microsoft added Diablo 4 to Game Pass in March, and these are the titles the company is adding soon.

Lego 2K Drive (cloud and console)

Available now.

If racing simulators like Forza Horizon 5 are too serious for you – or, in my case, too difficult – maybe give this fantastic game a try. In this open-world racing game, you can build the ride of your dreams and race against a cast of eccentric rivals with names like Clutch Racington. And if you get into a lake, don't worry! Your car can turn into a boat because of Lego.

Lil Gator Game

Available: April 4

Take a bite out of a cute little quest as a young alligator in this adorable game. You play as the titular character as you climb, swim, and explore the world around you while befriending all the other creatures and characters you meet along the way.

EA Sports PGA Tour

Available: April 4

Not everyone can tee off at historic courses like Augusta National and St. Andrews, but you can with this golf game. You can play against PGA and LPGA professionals like Scottie Scheffler and Lexi Thompson as you climb the ladder to become a Masters Tournament champion.

Kona (cloud and console)

Available: 9th April

Kona is returning to Game Pass about three years after leaving the service. In this title, you play a private investigator from the 1970s who arrives in a small Canadian village and finds it abandoned. You have to explore the village, investigate the supernatural and survive the northern winds. This game will definitely send a shiver down your spine.

Botanical Mansion

Available: 9th April

Calling all plant enthusiasts! If you've ever debated whether a snake plant is part of the Sansevieria or Dracaena genus, this game is for you. In this puzzle game, you play as a botanist in the 1890s, completing his botanical research book. You research and grow rare plant specimens from seeds in an idyllic English mansion. Don't be afraid to stop and smell the roses while you play.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

Available: 11th of April

This is the final chapter in the story of how Lara Croft took on the mantle of Tomb Raider. You take on the role of Croft as she travels to South America to discover an artifact that could save the world. And with the Definitive Edition, you get all seven DLC challenge tombs and more ways to take on each challenge with additional downloadable weapons, outfits, and abilities.

Harold Halibut

Available: April 16

This Day 1 release is a narrative game focused on friendship. You play as Harold as he explores a retro-futuristic world beneath an alien ocean. Harold's world is full of strange, wonderful, and diverse people and fish, each with a unique story. As you explore Harold's claymation world, you learn more about its inhabitants while trying to find the meaning of “home.”

Titles leaving Game Pass

While Xbox is adding the above titles to Game Pass Ultimate, it will also be removing six games on April 15th. Therefore, you have some time to finish any side quests before purchasing them separately.

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