Xavi Hernandez analyzed the defeat of Barcelona in Antwerp in the sixth passage of the group stage of the Champions League. The cul team advanced to the next stage as group leader, but did not expect to lose to the block of Van Bommel. Despite everything, the coach will be in the second phase and minimized the changes he made to the lineup.


“Yes, I'm worried, it's normal. The team is not comfortable. We are in a bad phase, we had two negative results. We have to be critical of ourselves. We have to improve. The opposing team generates, this is difficult for us to generate. objective “has been achieved. But we have to improve and know that we are not in a good phase.”


“The feelings are not good. We had misfortunes, after a 2-2 draw… we could have achieved more. We are in a bad phase.”

Champion Defeats

“It's difficult, it costs everyone. We won against our strongest rival, Porto. It's difficult to win and we're coming from difficult years. We're in the next phase. But we have to recover our feelings.”

Oriol Romeu

“You get him back by giving him confidence. He didn't have his day today. We have to encourage him. He has a high level.”

Round of 16 rival

“We have to look at Bará and the rival. We are in the draw in first place and we have to congratulate the players.”

We are alive in the Champions League, it's time to enjoy it and think about where we came from


Level individual

“Football players are at a lower level today. Today. But I don't like talking in public about something bad on an individual level. They have a higher level than they show. Today feelings are not good and individual mistakes cost us dearly . It's a question of confidence. It's a question of being inspired. And that shirt is heavy. The objective was achieved, but the feelings are not good. You need to be self-critical. You need to improve to win things. Saturday is an end. It's I need to get the people back. Although it has created unnecessary tension. We are in the second round. It's a credit to the club and the team. We have to remember where we came from. But we are alive. It's time to enjoy it and think about where we came from.”

His role

“Bad feelings end up winning on Saturday. But we don't have bad feelings from within, it's something from outside. I talked about this with the group. Today I've been talking for two hours with the president and Deco… the defeat that hurts is Girona's, not today. We are in the next round and it is something to be satisfied with. We have to improve. Saturday is final. “Today I feel good. I'm positive. Young players also came in.”

I have full confidence in the president and Deco



“We are confident that the team will improve. That's what we are working towards. I focus on what I can control. We have to be self-critical. What really affects us is Sunday's defeat against Girona, but today we advance as first in the group .” “I have full confidence in the president and Deco.”

I feel capable, there are still four titles at stake


Your ability

“I feel capable. There are still four titles at stake. I'm positive, prepared. We have to improve our feelings, that's all.”

The list is agreed with Deco and the president, but the last decision is mine


List change

“The list is agreed with Deco and the president, we are in constant communication. The last decision is mine. The list is decided by me, who is the coach. You generate controversy where there is none. It doesn't make sense.”


“We haven’t been doing well and we have to focus on that. There was unnecessary tension with the list, we spoke mainly with the players. From here we agreed with the president and Deco. We don't play a good game. But defeat is not painful.”


“They played a great game, in terms of intensity, aggression… they created counterattacks and transitions that we couldn't stop. Jansen, Vermeeren… they were very, very good. We were below our level.”

Worst moment

“Last year was very difficult with the elimination from the Champions League. The defeat that weighs on us is Sunday's. “