Shakira reached an agreement with Farm to close one of the most tense judicial chapters of his career. The Colombian artist admits that she defrauded public funds and was sentenced to three years in prisonwhich he will not comply with as he does not have a criminal record, and will pay a fine of 7.3 million euros.

The singer, in her statement, recalled other famous Spaniards who went through a similar situation: “I really admire these Spanish citizens, like Xabi Alonso, Sito Pons and so many others, who fought until the end, investing years of their lives in it, but for me, today, winning is taking back my time.”

Shakira, during her visit to the Barcelona Court.

Xabi Alonso, acquitted a month ago

The past October 25, 2023the Supreme Court confirmed the acquittal of Xabi Alonso. The former football player and now coach refused to agree with Farm. O Prosecutor’s office asked for two and a half years in prison for alleged tax crimes committed in fiscal years 2010, 2011 and 2012. The court determined that there was no intention of concealment or bad faith in the transfer of his image rights to a company located in Wood.

Xabi Alonso officiates a Bayer Leverkusen match.

Xabi Alonso officiates a Bayer Leverkusen match.SHOVEL

Sito Pons also won the Treasury

Another of the cases cited by Shakira is that of Sito Pons. The former motorcycling world champion was acquitted, in December 2022of six alleged crimes against the Public Treasury between 2010 and 2014. As in the case of Shakirathe pilot’s tax residence was the reason for the case and the magistrates determined that he spent around 200 days traveling, therefore he should not pay taxes in Spain.

Pons website.

Pons website.RFME and Pons Racing

183 days: the number of discord

He Article 6 of the Non-Resident Income Tax Law specifies that for an individual to have residence in Spain, this, among other factors, must pass “more than 183 days during the calendar year”. The aforementioned text states that if you are taxed in “territories classified as tax havens”, the Tax Administration may “require” proof of stay in that country for 183 days.



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