Writers Strike WGA AMPTP To Meet Next Week – Deadline

The writers and the studios are set to get back around the negotiating table.

The AMPTP just revealed that the two parties are “working to schedule a meeting next week”.

It’s a positive step after last week’s exchanged words; the WGA told its members Friday that despite the united front the streamers and studios have shown in public during the guild’s 130-day strike, several of the legacy companies privately have expressed “both the desire and willingness to negotiate an agreement that adequately addresses writers’ issues.”

Meanwhile, the AMPTP said that the companies, which includes streamers such as Netflix, Amazon and Apple and legacy studios such as NBCUNiversal, Disney, Paramount and Sony are “aligned and are negotiating together to reach a resolution. Any suggestion to the contrary is false”.

The WGA has been on strike since May 2. On August 11, there was an initial counter offer from the AMPTP and the WGA offered counterproposals on August 15. On August 22, the AMPTP released details of that offer.

“On Wednesday, September 13, the WGA reached out to the AMPTP and asked for a meeting to move negotiations forward. We have agreed and are working to schedule a meeting next week. Every member company of the AMPTP is committed and eager to reach a fair deal, and to working together with the WGA to end the strike,” the studio alliance said.

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