Brazil is hosting the 52nd edition of the Youth World Championships, with 62 countries and 400 athletes taking part

The Junior Sailing World Cup is organized annually for competitors up to 19 years of age and can be considered a mini-Olympics for all facilities involved. In the Brazilian edition of Búzios (RJ), over 400 sailors from 62 countries are taking part in the regatta, which lasts until Friday (15).

In addition to selecting future Olympic medalists in the sport, the Youth World Championships, hosted by World Sailing and CBVela, offer perhaps a unique experience for most athletes from all continents.

Junior World Cup in sailing

Photo: Disclosure

Cultural exchange and exchange of technical information on sports is an event hosted by Iate Clube Armação de Búzios and Búzios Vela Clube. Living together for more than a week generates friendships and future partnerships in international regattas.

According to the president of the Brazilian Sailing Confederation, Marco Aurélio de Sá Ribeiro, the championship is the most democratic because it features the most outstanding athletes and sailors who may have never sailed at sea, coming from distant countries or taking part in several regattas in their nations.

“It's a great exchange of experiences, they learn with each regatta. Hence, starting from 2028, Olympic champions will be selected. And everyone wins, from the last place who gained big baggage to the winners. Our Brazilian team is also growing, offering overseas sailing and training camp opportunities.

The youngest member of the team, Valentina Roma from Pernambuco, takes every opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from the athletes. The 14-year-old, present in the largest flotilla of the Youth World Cup, ILCA 6, has three more such events ahead of her.

Tina, as she is fondly called by her friends on the Brazilian sailing team, wants to use this week to arrive prepared for the Olympics, perhaps in Los Angeles in 2028 or Brisbane in 2032.

“I think the level of the flotilla is very good. The girls are very experienced, everyone makes mistakes, but not many. This helps me a lot because I focus more and more on not making mistakes and it definitely helps me. I always want to develop. This is an example,” said Valentina Roma, who placed in the top twenty of the competition.

I always want to be there with them, right? Knowing that if I pay attention, I can stay close. I think their level is very good and it is very important for my future to sail with people of high level.”

The Youth World Cup also had special moments, such as the opening ceremony of the 52nd edition, which took place on Saturday (9) in the streets of Búzios. Athletes, coaches and family members from 62 participating countries took part in a traditional flag parade and water ritual.

Representatives from each nation took a bottle of a sample of water from their country and poured it into a container. After an event held near Rua das Pedras, a traditional tourist site in Búzios (RJ), water spilled into the sea.

The person chosen to represent Brazil at the ceremony was Santa Catarina's Lívia Nogueira, who is competing in the Youth World Cup with Clara Meyer for the 29ers. They both had their faces painted green and yellow.

The flag parade and water ceremony aroused emotions not only for athletes under 19 years of age, but also for tourists and the local community. Rhythmists from the city's samba school opened the party, followed by athletes, and DJ Blindado organized a party during which young people played world-famous Brazilian songs.