A woman has discovered the two different ways that people shower, which has people arguing over which way is the right one.

Lovey Lee took to TikTok to explain that she was recently speaking with her mother about where to put her shower bench as she renovates her bathroom. The two couldn’t agree on a location when Lee realised the two of them shower in different positions.

“I’ve just been informed by my mom that there are two ways people shower, and we just realised we both do the opposite thing,” Lee started off the video.

She added: “Now I need to know, what is the normal way to shower?!”

According to Lee, when she showers, the “shower head is behind me, so the water is on my hair and down my back”. On the other hand, her mother mostly showers with the stream of water in front of her, which she admitted “shocked” her to learn.

Although Lee did say that she does turn around in the shower occasionally, the debate is regarding the way people face in the shower the majority of the time.

“I feel like the normal way to shower is with the shower head behind you.. is anyone else surprised by this?” she said. “I don’t know why I’m having, like, an epiphany,” the TikTok concluded.

Since posting, Lee’s video has received over five million views, with many people taking to the comments section to weigh in on what side they’re on in the debate. Some people were on Lee’s side and turned their backs to the water. They claimed the idea of facing the water seemed uncomfortable. “Who the hell faces the water….” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “No, because voluntarily getting waterboarded doesn’t sound fun at all.”

“Back to the water, rotate when needed. There is no other way that makes sense,” a third person wrote in defence of Lee.

Others took the side of her mother and wrote about facing the water instead. “I face the water. But it’s not like we stand there with it blasting our faces,” one commenter pointed out.

“WATER FACERS, UNITE,” another wrote — to which Lee replied she was “shocked there are so many”.

There were also people in the comments that couldn’t pick a side in the debate at all, explaining that they constantly switch in the shower whether they are facing the water or facing away from it. They specified that they face the water when washing their face or body, and then turn around to wash their hair.

“I constantly move around like a rotisserie chicken! Equal time on both sides,” one comment read.

Another comment agreed, writing: “I rotate continuously like a kebab.”

One even said her husband showers “sideways,” which she still seemed to be processing. “My husband just informed me he stands sideways with the water hitting his shoulder,” the viewer wrote. “Also. Just discovered I married a psychopath.”



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