A woman accidentally burned the Christmas present her husband bought her after he hid the present in the oven.

In a viral TikTok, user Kassie (@kassparkk) shared what happened to a Victoria's secret 'Glow Waffle' Honey Joggers Set that her husband intended to gift her for Christmas. She showed viewers the burnt gift and the extensive damage done to the fabric.

“When your husband thinks a good hiding place for his Christmas presents is the oven…” she wrote in the overlay text and added in the caption with a crying emoji: “But like why.”

Since Cassie posted the video on December 11, it has garnered over 992,900 views, with most of the comments section wondering why her husband thought it would be a brilliant idea to store the gift in the oven when there are still a few weeks left until the Christmas. .

“It’s like… three weeks from now? Was he planning to keep it there the whole time?!” one user wrote. Meanwhile, another joked: “He said 'I never use the oven so clearly no one does!'”

Others wondered why she didn't check to see if there was anything inside the oven before turning it on. “I don’t understand why anyone would turn on a furnace without checking it,” someone commented. “I always check. Ever. Mainly because I/you live with other people.” She responded with an embarrassed emoji, saying: “Lesson definitely learned.”

Some noted that they couldn't even tell the fabric was burnt in the video, with one user writing: “Bye, I thought it was a weird purple camouflage set.”

“It took me a minute to realize it was cooked and it wasn’t a golden design haha,” someone else shared.

Meanwhile, some noted that her husband keeping the gift in the oven was definitely a fire hazard.

“He’s actually trying to buy you a new house for Christmas,” one user wrote, while another added, “I think the real gift should be insurance money.”

Even if you remember to remove dangerous items from the oven before turning it on, there are still several complications, such as a pilot light or electrical wiring malfunction, that can be dangerous. It's not just fire that can harm you, but also the toxins released if you melt plastic items.

“Many food-safe plastics may not contain the toxins that are unsafe if the plastic melts in the oven, but the exterior of small electrical appliances is usually not made with food-safe plastic,” Sabrina Snyder – personal chef and author of the book Dinner and then dessert – explained to USA today.

There are some exceptions when it comes to metal or oven-safe cookware, according to Snyder, but any electronic or paper products are considered unsafe.



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