ANDIt was an excellent opportunity for a good face wash. Although, the game was already failed due to the controversy over Lewandowski's call-up, first no, then yes, and finally becoming a starter. There was a bang that didn't bode well. BarĂ¡ was the one who was in almost all of the last games. Very weak in defense with childish mistakes that turned into Antwerp goals and incapable of creating danger. Just little by little.

It was another exercise in I want to, but I can not. Another game mired in mediocrity. Thank God there was nothing else at stake, the team is first in the group, because otherwise the blow would have been apapa. The team doesn't improve. On the contrary, it is getting worse and worse. There is no sign of a reaction even against the weakest team in the group. The team returns to Barcelona without the 2.8 million they would have received for the victory and with their face painted by the new failure of a team that does not bode well for this season.

The of the mistake in the first minutes of Barcelona It's starting to be a constant this season. Errors in defense continue to happen and many of them at the beginning of the game. In Antwerp, barely a minute and a half had passed when Iaki Pea sent a ball to Oriol Romeu who, from the corner of the net, gave a 'pass' to Vermeeren who took advantage to score. Romeu would repeat with the second goal, giving another ball to his rival.

AND Fort Hctor a full-back of the future for Barcelona? That's what the club believes, as it sees a very promising boy. Therefore, the Sports Directorate chose to hire a 'veteran' like Cancelo instead of a kid like Fresneda who could block the way. Fort debuted yesterday with the starting team. He played a correct game, without making mistakes.

And Lewandowski? No trace of polish. He was the subject of the preview, going from uncapped to starting because that's what he talked to Xavi about. After the play, it would have been nice for him to score a goal and take a step forward, but no. He passed without pain or glory and without creating any opportunities.

In a mediocre Barcelona match, The best was the goal that Ferran scored after a good play by Lamine Yamal. The combination was excellent and the Valencian's way of solving was a true center forward. Ferran continues his good scoring performance in the minutes given. Guiu's shot in the second was also excellent. That and a shot from Lamine into the top corner were all the offensive baggage.