A shame, a shame the injury he suffered Gavi in Zorrilla. Unfortunately, this has always happened. Throughout his life there have been serious injuries in the Spanish national team. Spain loses with the injury of Gavi, a very important player for Luis de la Fuente and Bara loses a big title to xavi. But it is surprising that the majority of sports journalism does not understand, or does not want to explain, the

things that cause this problem that, unfortunately, has always happened due to a multiplied and established schedule to play throughout the season on Wednesdays and Sundays. And we must add the long journeys that football players must make. You train less and there is less work in the gym, so the body is not prepared for the effort. And you need to keep in mind that players want to play everything. Furthermore, there are more and more younger football players who are poorly physically trained and who accumulate a lot of effort. Very little attention is paid to doctors and trainers in setting up the calendar. These are arguments to debate and improve. Some give their opinion without knowing it and conveying the feeling that the National Team is not interesting and that it is boring, when based on the public and the crowds at the fields it passes through, it makes them obvious. The only important and relevant thing is that Gavi, a decisive player with Spain and Barcelona, ​​recovers as quickly as possible. This is what is desirable. The rest is to comment on something that, unfortunately, has always happened.

Champions light up Christmas

great idea of

José Luis Martínez Almeida

. The actors of


They will be in charge of turning on the Christmas lights at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol.


managed to send a message of respect and tolerance to people with disabilities. The great director

Javier Fesser

achieved resounding success, winning the Goya for best film.

Not a word about arbitration

Antonio Jess Lopez Nieto

one of the most important referees in the history of Spanish football and for almost 20 years representative of LaLiga de Tebas in the CTA and today president of Unicaja, testified alongside

Florentino Prez

in the WiZink box the historic victory of a boxing team against the Madridistas. The surprising and curious thing is that both did not comment on the latest arbitrations and the application of VAR. Very curious.

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