In 2023, Corinthians' main problems were down the pitch. Given the poor performance of the team's veterans Fábio Santos and Fagner, as well as the limited number of options on the bench, Timão plans to rebuild this sector for next season.

Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians/Gazeta Esportiva

On the left wing, the club has only one player: Matheus Bidu. Experienced Fábio Santos decided to retire at the age of 38. Despite this, Bidu is not sure about his future with Parque São Jorge.

AND Sports Gazette it turned out that the defender's performances did not convince the committee of coach Mano Menezes and the new club management, which already has everything to acquire Hugo from Goiás. Bidu's contract with the team is valid until the end of 2025.

Hugo, however, does not come to the Corinthians with starting status. Therefore, Timão may still be looking for another winger to play on the left wing. The commission has proposed and approved an offer to Uruguayan Matías Viña, a former Palmeiras athlete, but the deal is seen as unlikely due to the high values ​​involved.

On the right, the situation is even more delicate. With a contract until the end of 2024, Fagner will remain in the team, but he will need to perform better and should gain an advantage next season.

Corinthians intends to employ at least two more people for this position. Portuguese Rafael Ramos is not included in the club's plans and is expected to leave. Leo Man's boy from the base did not settle in the professional team and was registered at Copinha.

Finally, Uruguayan Bruno Méndez has not given any signal that he intends to extend his contract and his departure is almost certain. Therefore, Timão plans to strengthen the sector with new players.

The president-elect for the next three years, Augusto Melo, has already started talks with Mano Menezes and is planning to reformulate the Corinthians squad. Several players, such as Renato Augusto, Gil, Giuliano, Cantillo and Rafael Ramos, are already on Timão's radar, with some knowing that they are not included in the 2024 plans.