IThe drought affecting the country and with particular emphasis on Catalonia could have consequences on professional football as no rain is expected in the region in the coming weeks. That's why, The Generalitat is taking measures to save water due to its scarcity. This is nothing new because there have been restrictions for some time, but they may now be more forceful.

One of the measures being considered is that Football players don't shower in sports centers. It's not for everyone, it's for those who use water like swimming pools or football clubs who need it to water their fields. And according to the words of members of the Catalan government, There will be no exceptions.

Signing of the agreement between Barcelona and Girona with the Generalitat.FCB

This means that players from the first team of the Barcelona, ​​Girona or Espanyol They couldn't shower in their stadiums at the end of games. However, the measure has not yet been implemented. From the Barça club they assure this newspaper that at this moment They have no communication from the Generalitat in this regard. In any case, it would never come into force before next year.

We will have to see how the Generalitat definitively applies these measures given the great concern that exists due to lack of water. It is still curious that football players like Lewandowski, Gündogan or Pedri could not take a shower at the end of matches. Professional clubs consider it difficult to apply this measure. Last week, Barcelona and Girona signed a commitment to tackle the drought.

And within the scope of this initiative, Barcelona has already taken some measures such as reduce the amount of irrigation on training fields From the entity. However, on the issue of bathing football players after games there is no communication from the Generalitat.