Vaughn also added, “Tom is super easy going and funny, same with Wayne. They were easy to get along with.” In short, it was the right combination of people and the company trying to utilize their talents. One imagines that the money didn't hurt anything either.

It's nothing new to court a well-known actor to star in a flashy Super Bowl ad. This year was no exception in that department, with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon teaming up for a memorable Dunkin commercial. There were countless examples, but it was, in many ways, a very typical edition of the NFL's biggest game of the year in that regard.

As for Vaughn's career outside of flashy TV commercials, the actor seems to have been a little more selective these days, but he currently has several projects in the works, including the long-awaited “Dodgeball” sequel. He also has a new TV show called “Bad Monkey” in development for Apple TV+. Unfortunately, “Wedding Crashers 2” isn't happening yet, even though it came very close to happening a few years ago. It is not yet known whether this one will return or not.

You can check out Vince Vaughn's BetMGM commercial above.