Decades ago, when Amjad Khan said: “Kitne aadmi the?” Who would have thought that the dialogue would remain engraved in the minds and hearts of the public forever? The iconic role of Gabbar Singh left an indelible mark on film lovers, and one cannot imagine that anyone other than Amjad Khan played this role. However, did you know that Amjad wasn't the only choice for this villainous role in the 1975 release?
In the casting process for the iconic film, Danny Denzongpa and Ranjeet were potential candidates for the role of Gabbar. Ranjeet revealed in a recent interview with ANI that he respectfully declined the offer in consideration of his friendship with Danny Denzongpa.

“When they came to me, they told me Danny wasn’t coming now. In fact, I had no idea about the role either. I told them clearly, 'Danny is a good friend of mine, either you don't send me any objection letters from him or at least let him talk to me. If he agrees, then I will make the film. But I knew why he wouldn't come and I refused to be part of the film,” said Ranjeet.

An actor famous for playing the most unforgettable antagonist character, Ranjeet said casting Khan in the role was perfect. He added, “This role was meant for Amjad Khan, maybe if I had played Gabbar the audience wouldn’t have liked it.”

Directed by legendary filmmaker Ramesh Sippy'Sholay'is among the main Bollywood classics. Directed by the handsome duo of Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra, it was the story of two friends and ex-convicts Jai and Veeru. Every character and actor in this film so far holds a special place in the hearts of movie buffs, be it Amjad Khan as Gabbar, Sanjeev Kumar as Thakur Baldev Singh, or South Malini like Basanti.