Mike Yarwood was a prominent British comedian, impressionist, and television personality known for his remarkable career in entertainment spanning several decades. Read this article to find out more about his wife.

Mike Yarwood was born on June 26, 1941, in Plasnewydd, South Wales. He grew up to become one of the most beloved figures in British comedy.

Yarwood’s journey into the world of entertainment began in his early years when he discovered a talent for impersonations and mimicry.

This talent, combined with a keen sense of humour, laid the foundation for his future career. He gained early recognition with appearances on talent shows and local performances, showcasing his gift for mimicry.

His breakthrough came in the 1960s when he made his first television appearances on “The Good Old Days” and “The Telegoons.”

These shows served as a platform for him to display his impersonation skills, captivating audiences with spot-on impressions of famous personalities, including politicians, actors, and musicians.

Yarwood’s ability to mimic the voices and mannerisms of public figures quickly garnered attention and earned him a devoted following.

However, it was his own BBC series, “The Mike Yarwood Show,” which premiered in 1971, that catapulted him to nationwide fame. The show was a massive success and ran for several years.

Yarwood’s uncanny ability to impersonate notable figures such as Harold Wilson, Edward Heath, and Prince Charles became legendary. His witty and satirical sketches on politics and current events resonated with viewers, making him a household name.

Throughout his career, he showcased his versatility by impersonating a wide range of characters beyond political figures.

He became known for his humorous portrayals of celebrities, entertainers, and sports personalities, captivating audiences with his impeccable comedic timing and sharp wit.

In addition to his television work, Yarwood enjoyed a successful career in live performances. He embarked on numerous nationwide tours, delighting audiences with his stand-up comedy and spot-on impersonations.

His live shows often sold out, further cementing his status as one of Britain’s most beloved entertainers.

Mike Yarwood’s impact on British comedy and entertainment is immeasurable. He not only entertained but also provided a satirical lens through which the nation could view its political and cultural landscape.

His ability to capture the essence of public figures with humour and affection made him a cherished figure in the hearts of the British public.

Who Is Mike Yarwood Wife?

Who is Mike Yarwood wife, Sandra Burville?
Mike Yarwood and Sandra Burville

Mike Yarwood married his ex-wife, the dancer Sandra Burville on November 8, 1969, and their union lasted until 1987. During their marriage, they welcomed two daughters; Charlotte Yarwood and Clare Yarwood-White.

In October 1999, Yarwood faced a challenging period in his life when he sought treatment for depression at the Priory Clinic in Roehampton, London. This candid admission shed light on the importance of mental health awareness.

From 2007 onward, Yarwood resided alone in Weybridge, Surrey, where he continued to lead a private life. However, his enduring connection to the entertainment industry remained a defining aspect of his identity.

In 2021, reports indicated that Mike Yarwood had become a resident of Brinsworth House, a distinguished residential and nursing retirement home in Twickenham, west London.

This facility caters specifically to professionals from the theatre and entertainment fields, offering a supportive environment for retired artists.

Tragically, on September 8, 2023, at the age of 82, Mike Yarwood passed away, marking the end of a remarkable career that had left an indelible mark on British comedy and entertainment.

His contributions to the world of humour and impersonation will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come.

Mike Yarwood Children: Meet 

Mike Yarwood had two children, Charlotte Yarwood and Clare Yarwood-White. These two individuals have kept their lives largely private, away from the public eye and the entertainment industry that their father was a part of.

While their father, Mike Yarwood, was a renowned figure in the world of comedy and impressions, Charlotte and Clare have chosen to live their lives out of the spotlight, maintaining a sense of privacy and distance from the media.

Mike Yarwood Family

Mike Yarwood’s family included his wife, Sandra Burville, whom he married on November 8, 1969. They were together until 1987 and had two daughters.

In later years, Mike Yarwood lived alone in Weybridge, Surrey. In 2021, it was reported that he became a resident of Brinsworth House, a residential and nursing retirement home in Twickenham, West London, specifically for theatre and entertainment professionals.

Mike Yarwood passed away on September 8, 2023, at the age of 82, leaving behind his family and a legacy of laughter and entertainment in the world of British comedy and impressionism.

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