In recent news, it was reported that Jeon Somin’s ex-boyfriend scandal and controversy have been discussed and are making rounds all over the internet. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

Jeon Somin

Who Is Jeon Somin’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Recently, there many people who want to learn about Jeon Somin’s ex-boyfriend and her past love life. You must explore further in order to gather all the details via this article. According to our relevant sources, it was revealed that Jeon Somin is a South Korean actress and comedian who is widely recognized for being a regular cast member of the popular variety show Running Man. However, she has openly been vocal about her past relationships on the show and in interviews. However, there are some cheating scandals and controversies about Jeon Somin has faced with her ex-boyfriends. Moreover, she has shown her honesty and courage by vocalizing about them and received support from her fans and fellow cast members. Scroll down to the next section to explore her dating history.

Jeon Somin

As we discussed Jeon Somin’s ex-boyfriend and dating history, it was known that the prominent, South comedian Jeon So-min has dated many guys in the past and the actress has not revealed their identities publicly and respected their privacy. However, she has shared some experiences on various episodes of Running Man. Reportedly, in 2021, the gorgeous actress revealed that she had asked her ex-boyfriend to change his number because he used to make unnecessary calls following their breakup. The comedian added that she tried to dismiss his number but she also revealed that she still remembers it and used to contact him consistently. However, the woman came forward and denied any romantic involvement with him when the actress was once rumored to be dating her Running Man co-star, Yang Se Chan.

Jeon Somin

Unfortunately, in September 2022, Jeon Somin shared an awful encounter with another ex of hers who cheated on her with multiple women. She added and said that she ran into him unexpectedly and greeted him politely but ignored her and walked away with his new girlfriend. She expressed how she felt angered and humiliated following that incident. Moreover, Jeon opened up about the frustrating encounter in an episode held in September 2022 of Running Man. Furthermore, she revealed that once she tangled her ex-boyfriend’s earphone cords with whom she was angry. She also revealed that in 2020, her biggest revenge would be working hard and succeeding in the entertainment industry.

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