Ian Justin Ranney, a resident of California, has been sentenced to a term of 14 years in prison. The basis of his conviction is an incident in which he travelled to Texas with the intent of subjecting a young woman involved in human trafficking to torture and forcing her to engage in s*x work.

Ian Ranney, a 35-year-old individual, answered an advertisement posted by a federal agent in Dallas who was masquerading as a human trafficker in search of an “experienced sadist.” The proposal entailed a payment of $6,000 to “break” a young woman.

In November, Ranney was apprehended outside a North Texas warehouse, where he was discovered with tools commonly associated with torture, such as restraints, rope, and batons. In February, he entered a guilty plea to attempted kidnapping and possession of child pornography.

What is Ian Justin Ranney crime?

According to a criminal complaint obtained by DailyMail.com, Ranney had intended to restrain and subject a 21-year-old woman to waterboarding for a period of four days. Additionally, he planned to apply a chemical irritant to her genitals and deprive her of all sensory input. Ranney reportedly informed agents that he was skilled in the practices of objectification and degradation, having previously inflicted psychological harm on several women. He further boasted of his ability to subjugate any female.

The individual in question identified himself as a 35-year-old male, standing at a height of 6 feet and 4 inches, and possessing sadistic tendencies as a dominant figure. He expressed his intention to subject his partner to merciless treatment, introducing them to a realm of agony beyond their imagination. Upon perusing Ranney’s social media accounts, one can observe a lavish existence characterized by frequent excursions and sophisticated dining experiences.

He posted images proudly showing off his Tesla, vaccine card and voting records on Facebook.

‘Wine is my passion. Great service is my specialty,’ he wrote on Instagram.

The individual responsible for posting the advertisement asserted their requirement for a candidate to train one of their female employees who had expressed a lack of interest in continuing to work for them. The individual further disclosed their involvement in a human trafficking enterprise catering to a select group of affluent clients, having procured the services of the aforementioned woman from another trafficker.

Upon being informed that the victim would be expected to engage in independent sex work and remit the proceeds to the agent, Ranney acknowledged the complexity of the task but expressed enthusiasm for the challenge.

‘That sounds fun,’ he wrote. 

Ranney and the agent agreed he would work to ‘break’ the woman in an isolated warehouse for four days at $1,500 per day.

He wrote he would try to leave the woman ‘undamaged,’ adding: ‘The worst she might get is like a broken bone or two.

‘I specially use chemicals during a lot of my torture scene,’ he said. ‘One of my favorites is capsaicin.’

Ranney suggested someone recorded the victim being tortured with the chemical as ‘having someone else watch her in that torture is a good way to put them in their place.’

He planned to bring ‘blackout contacts’ for sensory depravation. 

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