When did Chris Evans and Alba Baptista make their red carpet debut?

The pair have yet to walk the red carpet together, though Alba did make an appearance at the New York premiere of Chris’ action-rom-com Ghosted in April.

Do Chris Evans and Alba Baptista have any kids?

The newlyweds don’t have children, but they have publicly discussed the possibility of growing their family in the future. After all, Chris previously told E! News that he “would love” to start a family someday.

“But having a dog is certainly a good litmus test of how you handle responsibility,” he noted. “And pets aren’t cheap. So, it’s good training wheels for a kid—although I’m sure anyone with a kid will probably laugh at that, it’s probably nowhere near the same responsibility. But I think it’s a good starting point.”

As for Alba, she told Vogue Portugal in 2020 that she was coming around to the idea of motherhood “more and more.”

“It’s curious,” she remarked. “Throughout my career, as the career grows, I increasingly have less time for myself and I idealize a point where I can stop and have time for myself and my family.”

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