Bollywood Celebrity Shine Khanna embraced an inspiring journey by choosing to pursue higher education at age 50. In a recent interview, Twinkle shared her experience of facing rejections despite her impressive portfolio during the application process. However, the most amusing twist came when she discovered that she and her son Aarav both were accepted to the same university.
Twinkle Khanna expressed her initial horror in an interview with Hello Magazine at the idea of ​​attending college with her son, contemplating the potential embarrassment. She revealed, “Strangely enough, my son Aarav and I applied to the same college, as we were both studying liberal arts. When we found out we were accepted into the same university, we were horrified at the thought of being on campus together.” To avoid any potential discomfort, a pact was made between mother and son to pretend not to know each other and interact with their respective groups of friends. Fortunately, Aarav secured his first choice, eliminating the need for such measures.
She also said that the volume of course registrations was high and that she did not have time to feel alone because she had a lot of work to do. She added that the feeling was similar to when she went to boarding school.

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