The renowned actor Suniel Shetty recently opened up about her dancing struggles despite appearing in popular dance numbers like 'Sundara sundara', 'city ​​girl', 'Jhanjhariya'.
In an interview with ANI, he admitted to having “two left feet” but skillfully managed his dance routines. He revealed that his female co-stars had to wait patiently on set while he perfected his moves, often taking up to an hour to take just one step. Instead of focusing on intricate steps, Suniel emphasized to the choreographers the importance of style and body language. He humorously confessed that he always told choreographers not to make him dance so they would both act like idiots. Describing his dance style as “more aerobic,” he modestly acknowledged that today’s actors are far superior dancers.
Recounting his initial difficulties, Suniel said he used to feel embarrassed during rehearsals, often refusing to practice. He preferred to do the steps alone and called on his co-stars only when necessary, moving forward quickly once the director approved. His reasoning was simple: how would they know if it's left or right?

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Changing direction in his acting career, Suniel recalled facing criticism for his performance in his debut film 'Balwan'. Although the comments were initially hurtful, he later realized that he had not undergone formal acting training. Despite the setbacks, he found his unique selling proposition (USP) in performing 'death-defying stunts'.

Recognizing the lack of acting classes due to his busy schedule, Suniel decided to stand out through his daring stunt work. In an earlier interview with Nikhil Kamath, he mentioned performing his own stunts in the 1990s.



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