Shahid Kapoorthe Bollywood actor famous for his roles in several films once told the story of how he met his wife, Mira Rajput. Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Shahid, in an old interview with Humans of Bombay, said that he felt lonely in his early thirties. He would return home after winning awards and feel empty, sharing his achievements only with his dog. He realized he wanted someone to share his life with, someone who could understand him beyond the glitz and glamor of his career.

At age 33 or 34, Shahid decided it was time to find a partner. He expressed his feelings of loneliness, stating that although he had his parents, he longed for the company of someone his own age. Despite being independent and self-supporting, Shahid longed for a deeper connection with another person.

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Then, in a twist of fate, Shahid met Mira Rajput through a arranged marriage to set up. Their first meeting left Shahid “semi-embarrassed” because Mira was 10 years younger than him. However, when they started talking, Shahid was impressed by Mira's maturity and confidence. She didn't seem bothered by his celebrity status; instead, she saw him as a person with his own quirks and complexities.
What attracted Shahid to Mira was his sense of normalcy. In a world where he was constantly surrounded by fans and paparazzi, Mira provided him with a grounded perspective. She didn't just see him as a movie star, but as a human being with flaws and imperfections.

Their relationship blossomed, leading to their marriage in 2015. Soon after, they welcomed daughter Misha, followed by son Zain. Shahid described Mira as having a strong individual personality, someone who accepted him for who he was.