Juan Reynoso’s Bicolor recorded their fourth defeat in five rounds of the South American Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup after losing 2-0 against Bolivia in peace. Peru The team barely drew 0-0 in their debut against Paraguay and is in last place in the standings. In this article you can see the schedule of the match that started at 3pm in Lima.

What time was Peru vs Peru played? Bolivia?

The match was played last Thursday, November 16, in La Paz, where the Peruvian national team. Check the duel times depending on the region where you are.

Mexico 2:00 p.m.
Ecuador 15:00 hours
Colombia 15:00 hours
Peru 15:00 hours
United States (ET) 16:00 hours
Bolivia 16:00 hours
Venezuela 16:00 hours
Chile 17:00 hours
Argentina 17:00 hours
Paraguay 17:00 hours
Uruguay 17:00 hours
Brazil 17:00 hours

Peru vs. Bolivia, La Paz match history

Qatar 2022 Bolivia vs. Peru 1-0
Russia 2018 Bolivia vs. Peru 0-3* Peru won by CAS decision
Brazil 2014 Bolivia vs. Peru 1-1
South Africa 2010 Bolivia vs. Peru 3-0
Germany 2006 Bolivia vs. Peru 1-0
Korea – Japan 2002 Bolivia vs. Peru 1-0
France 1998 Bolivia vs. Peru 0-0
Argentina 1978 Bolivia vs. Peru 2-1
Mexico 1970 Bolivia vs. Peru 2-1

The Peruvian team is in second-to-last place with 1 point. The Bolivian team is the last with zero units and this Thursday, November 16th, it will seek its first victory.


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