On the internet, Edward Gillette’s obituary has been trending for the past many days. There are many people who have even paid tribute to Kayak Ed Gillette on social media. A person wrote, “Extremely saddened to hear the news that I never wanted. RIP Kayak Ed Gillette”. Meanwhile, the news turned the traction and emerged as a trending headline on social media leaving people perplexed about his cause of death. What happened to Edward Gillette or how did he die? Many questions related to Edward Gillette’s death news are swirling among people. There is a cliche in this story that you should know. Let’s delve deep into the details and find out more details. Scroll down the page.


What Happened to Ed Gillette?

Edward Gillette is an adventurer who is widely known as Kayak Ed. He is a pioneer of extreme solo kayaking. People around the world recognize him whose legacy is etched in the annals of adventure history. On social media, there is a buzz that Kayak Ed Gillette has passed away. However, no reliable source has claimed the same, and no concrete evidence that confirms his departure, is available at this time. Therefore, we debunk the news of Edward Gillette’s death. He must be alive and doing well in his life. Know more about Kayak Ed in the following sections. Continue reading this article.

Edward Gillette aka Kayak Ed is from Chula Vista, California. He is an intrepid sea kayaker. Edward Gillette surged to fame and became a renowned kayaker for his fearless solo kayak expedition from California to Hawaii in 1987. However, Edward Gillette has turned too old but it is imperative to confirm the claims with reliable sources before spreading them. As of now, no friend of Edward Gillette and no his family member has uttered the same. The unverified rumors are apparently incorrect. Thus, we debunk the news of his passing. Take a peek below for more information.

Kayak Edward Gillette has proven his extraordinary resilience and resourcefulness several times. He has exhibited his unforgiving historic solo kayak expedition across the Pacific Ocean. During this epic journey from Monterey Bay to Hawaii, he faced daunting challenges and overcame the brink of starvation to emerge as a symbol of unwavering determination. The ongoing rumors about Kayak Ed Gillette have been debunked due to the unavailability of reliable sources and concrete evidence. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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