ANDat the framework of the 'Tomorrow Will be Bonito Latam Tour' that started in the first week of February 2024Several notable events took place during the presentations of Carol G.. After they accused her of lip syncing to her songs and she responded, she went through a moment of sadness because she had forgotten the lyrics to one of her recent hits.

While singing 'MAMIII', which in the original version he sings with the American Becky G, the Medellín-born woman had a lapse and lost the part of the song that was in her head. The moment did not go unnoticed, as her faithful followers were recording the moment live and she had a very sincere reaction, receiving a good response from those present at the Azteca Stadium, in Mexico City.

Karol G and forgetting the lyrics to a song, live

With full stages and all tickets sold, Carolina Giraldo Navarro left her mark at the start of the tour, which will take place throughout Latin America carrying your rhythm and show. But something happened to him that, due to emotion or lack of concentration, is rarely seen in artists of this type.

In the screens that had the Colombian in the foreground, it is possible to see that she tries to keep up with the people, but her eyes look up as if she is trying to remember. It seemed like part of the show, but he couldn't hold back his laughter and confessed that he lost the lyrics and I was thinking about what would come next:

I have to be honest, I forgot the lyrics (laughs)…
Here, internally: How do you say it? I know how they say, let's do it… (laughs)

After, Carol She tried to start again, the audience followed her again from where she had left off, but she stopped again to say: “Not yet! (laughs)” and restart in a timely manner with a funny “I know what you say”.

What for other artists and environments would have been a reason for criticism, on social media ended up being a source of praise for the reaction and personality of 'la Bichota'.

Karol G's show dates in 2024 in Latin America

We will have to wait What's next for the rest of 'Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful Latam Tour'which is just starting now and has many dates to go until next May.

  • Medellín (Colombia): December 1st (Atanasio Girardot Stadium)
  • Mexico City (Mexico): February 8, 9 and 10 (Azteca Stadium)
  • Monterrey (Mexico): February 16 and 17 (Mobil Super Stadium)
  • Guadalajara (Mexico): February 23 and 24 (Tres de Marzo Stadium)
  • Guatemala City (Guatemala): March 1 and 2 (Explanada Cardales de Cayalá)
  • San Salvador (El Salvador): March 5 (Cuscatlán Stadium)
  • San José (Costa Rica): March 9 and 10 (National Stadium)
  • Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic): March 15 and 16 (Olympic Stadium)
  • Caracas (Venezuela): March 22 and 23 (Monumental Stadium)
  • Bogotá (Colombia): April 5th and 6th (El Campín Stadium)
  • Lima (Peru): April 12 and 13 (National Stadium)
  • Santiago de Chile (Chile): April 19, 20 and 21 (National Stadium)
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina): April 26 and 27 (Vélez Sarsfield Stadium)
  • Asunción (Paraguay): May 2 (La nueva Olla Stadium)
  • São Paulo (Brazil): May 10th (Centro Esportivo Tieté)

After The European tour will take place between June and Julystarting in Zurich (Switzerland) and ending with a three-day performance at the Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid (Spain).