Hugo Guillamn on November 18, 2022. Fair one year ago. Before starting the Qatar World Cup, on the eve of the aforementioned event… Was a important player in Valenciainternational level in the highest expression of professional football that exists, pBut 365 days later, few traces remain of that influential football player.

Today, November 18, 2023, Guillamn is not on the front line, he is still in reserve. Missing from the team, No one understands what could have happened to him. to the Valencia midfielder. It has everything. He had scored a goal against Betis before half-time, Luis Enrique called him the last surprise passenger of the Spanish team to the world. And today, from within the club they continue to ask questions. what happened to him?

Valencia, the Qatar World Cup and the end of 2023

The point is that There is a before and after that month of November 2022. Guillamn closed that part of the season as a strong man who allowed him to go to the appointment of the national teambut on the way back he disappeared. The team went into crisis, found itself in a relegation position, the pressure of playing at the bottom of the table and the results not coming. One of the players who was seen biggest change was for Hugo. And no one understands the reason for this transformation.

He barely told Gattuso when it was an essential part in the beginning. One goal and four assists. It was one of the pillars, but changed completely. I lost this main actor role and with the arrival of Rubn Baraja was the final blow. Precisely at a time of transition for the team adapting to the fight to avoid relegation.

His numbers in 365 days: 987 minutes, played 40 games of which he played only 25 (14 as a starter and 11 coming off the bench) and in 15 he did not play.

Baraja gave him opportunities, but in that red moment of the season Things didn’t work out and he went eight games without playing a single minute, with Valencia risking its salvation in the last two months.. In fact, between April and June he barely played the last 7 minutes of Benito Villamarn’s heart-stopping final day.

He Summer should be a time for reflection and repositioning of all ideas to meet again. But the truth is that the season started continued to establish a very similar pace for the first half of 2023. He doesn’t play. It almost doesn’t count.


With Baraja in 2023-24 not only began

Los numbers with Rubn Baraja remain equally worryingalthough they have a nuance: the technician tries to recover it. With minutes. Not many. But they are opportunities that gives it to him at least. Its beginnings followed the same trend. He only started one game. At the Worldcup before UD’s achievements. This data is already significant.

In the League it almost didn’t count. Why Of the 13 games played, he played minutes in eight. In five he was unable to play. In concrete 247 minutes for the entire exercise. Those ones, Baraja knows he needs it because the season is long, the squad is short and physical problems are lurking.. Therefore, try to give him confidence and commitment to the team. He introduced it to the field and put it into practice in the last six league games. Because Baraja will need it use Hugo in case of any incident. And the coach sees wolf ears with important players who are physically exhausted. So you’re trying take back for this change to change again and the Hugo Guillamn from before November 2022 returns.



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