When your mother gets arrested, and her charge includes her reportedly abusing you, you can be sure that a lot of attention will be paid to you. This is what happened to Chad Franke, one of the six children of Ruby Franke, who got arrested on suspicion of abuse of her children while operating her family-oriented YouTube channel, 8 Passenger.

Well, in the wake of all the issues in the family, Chad Franke, and his siblings did get a lot of attention, but Chad, in particular, is being talked about as he is believed to have made comments in the past likened to abuse, which people have referred back too. So, what happened to Chad Franke? We have more in this article for you.

Chad Franke Mother, Ruby Franke, Arrested

On Wednesday, August 30, Ruby Franke, a mother of six from Utah and the host of the well-liked parenting YouTube channel 8 Passengers, was detained on suspicion of maltreating her kids. The arrest followed the 2020 viral video of Chad Franke, Ruby’s son, discussing his predicament. Before her imprisonment, Ruby’s actions and those of her husband, Kevin, had angered admirers for years.

Following Ruby Franke’s arrest on suspicion of child abuse, fans have been thinking back to the incident in 2020 when Chad Franke’s remarks caused child protective services to get in touch with 8 passengers.

The arrest was predicated on a since-deleted video in which Ruby’s 15-year-old son claimed that a prank he pulled on his younger sibling had made him sleep on the floor for seven months. According to Chad in the video: “My bedroom was taken away for seven months. I was sleeping on a beanbag since October.”

The Reality Snark claims that Chad, a 17-year-old, eventually left the home. Netizens were worried about Chad’s current situation, though. Thankfully, a Reddit member submitted some recent VSCO photos of Chad Franke that show him having a good time. Despite not knowing where he is right now, it appears from the photographs that he is doing okay.

Fox 13 reports that on August 30, 2023, Jodi Hildebrandt, the founder of the parent counseling service ConneXions, and Ruby Franke, the star of the YouTube channel 8 Passengers, were both arrested. According to E News, she is still being held captive.

Ruby frequently appeared on the 8 Passengers channel, which followed the lives of her and her six children, Eve, Chad Franke, Julie, Shari, Russell, and five other children. The family, however, has been in a downward spiral for the previous three years.

What Happened To Chad Franke?

In a now-deleted video from 2020 that was posted on the 8 Passengers channel, Chad Franke allegedly claimed that he was punished because he played practical jokes on his younger brother Russell in front of 2.5 million viewers. In the video, Chad also mentioned that he had been forced to spend several months sleeping on a bean bag as a kind of punishment.

The public’s interest has now been piqued by some recent images of Chad Franke that user Ok_Neighborhood240 has posted on Reddit. They asked the same question in the post’s comment section since they are now inquisitive about Chad’s most recent whereabouts.

Following the mother’s arrest on YouTube, viewers started closely examining the videos from 2020 where her son, Chad Franke, allegedly made the allegations of abuse. Ruby reportedly refused to send her six-year-old daughter’s lunch to school once because she had forgotten to pack one, according to US Today. The followers reported Ruby and her husband to child protective services as a result of all these incidents.

Ruby, on the other hand, is alleged to have said something different. Ruby allegedly told Insider that Chad Franke and Russell formerly shared a room, but the latter was compelled to leave on the recommendation of a therapist. He reportedly had the choice of sleeping on an air mattress or somewhere else in the home. Fans were allegedly shocked to find that the young man was dozing off on a bean bag.

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