The fireplace scene in TSITP, also called ‘Love Scene,’ stars Christopher Briney as Conrad Fisher and Lola Tung as Belly. Viewers appreciated the fireplace scene, and Amazon Prime Video, the official streaming platform for TSITP, uploaded it on YouTube.

TSITP (The Summer I Turned Pretty) is an American young adult romantic television drama series based on Jenny Han’s book, which has the same title. The coming-of-age drama is about Isabel “Belly” Conklin, about to turn sixteen, who deals with heartbreak and gets trapped in a love triangle between two brothers.

The episode is about the missing Conrad rather than the fireplace scene. Jeremiah is concerned about Conrad’s disappearance and calls Belly to help him find Conrad. The duo learns that Conrad did not attend lectures. He must return before his exams start.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah is worried about Conrad’s grief over their deceased mother. Conrad could also have gotten into an argument with his father. While on their trip to the beach house, one tire goes, and Jeremiah and Belly begin arguing by the side of the road over why she cheated on him.

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What Episode Is The Fireplace Scene In TSITP?

The fireplace scene is in The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 2. The thirty-five-minute-long episode aired on 14 July 2023. Though the series is based on a novel, it does not follow every detail.

For instance, Belly and Conrad only kiss in the novel but get physically closer in the series. However, Jenny Han, who wrote the novel trilogy, created and executively produced the series. So, it looks like he had no issues in making changes.

Belly And Jeremiah In TSITP Season 2 Episode 2
Belly And Jeremiah In TSITP Season 2 Episode 2 (Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

According to the third novel, Belly decides not to get physically closer to Conrad till the right time. Thus, they end up only kissing. However, she is also the one in charge of the scene. She wants to make out for the first time with Conrad. Thus, Conrad makes a move after getting her consent.

According to Jenny Han, we have been with Belly throughout her life and deserve to witness this phase too. Fans virtually screamed through their Twitter and TikTok posts. The background music that plays during the fireplace scene is ‘Kissing You,’ the lover’s anthem by Des’ree. The song belongs to the Romeo + Juliet movie released in 1996, where the protagonists fell for each other at first sight.

Romeo and Juliet did not have a happy ending. On the other hand, Conrad and Belly broke up at prom at the end of the second season. So, the background music depicts a combination of love and break-up.

How Do Belly And Conrad End Up At The Fireplace?

Belly recalls her first date last summer and the first kiss during Halloween. Conrad took her to the Cousins Beach house for one more date before Christmas. The duo talked about Susannah’s approval of their relationship and how Conrad wanted to switch to biology and become a doctor after getting inspired by his mother. After reaching the fireplace, Conrad lighted the fire, and Belly made hot cocoa.

Coming to the present second episode is about finding Conrad, who went missing from the first episode. Jeremiah and Belly reach the beach house hunting for Conrad and learn the house is on sale.

Jeremiah gets too eager while searching for Conrad as if he has been missing for a month. However, it has been only one day since Conrad disappeared. Thus, it might be a loophole in his acting.

Belly And Conrad Break Up In The Final Episode Of TSITP
Belly And Conrad Break Up In The Final Episode Of TSITP (Credits: Amazon Prime Video)

After getting Jeremiah’s call, Belly left her home without informing her mother or Steven. There was no need for Belly to hide the phone call from her mother. Thus, the situation was exaggerated in this episode.

Laurel lost her best friend. She recalls time spent with Susannah while purchasing clothes by herself. Laurel wanted to go on a book promotion tour with Susannah but could not due to the latter’s death. She has concerning forgetfulness, which can be amnesia or only a disadvantage of being a parent (especially Belly’s parent).

Thus, Laurel’s condition is more concerning than Belly’s, who does not understand which guy to choose. Viewers could not get over the loss of a mother, and they did not want to lose another one.

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