IThings don’t go as expected in San Antonio. We have to go back to November 2nd to remember the last victory of Spurs. Those from El Álamo, who won three of their first five games, There are nine consecutive defeats. A bad dynamic that is affecting Wembanyama itself. The French star finished with 9 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists in 27 minutes in his worst game to date in the NBA.

Looking at the other side of the coin, the Clippers are starting to understand each other and on the court everything seems to be going well. O 28 points from Paul George, 21 from Kawhi and 19 from Powell and Theis (new acquisition that will be useful), were enough to win comfortably. Second consecutive victory, and it remains up in the air whether this consistency will be definitive or not.

Westbrookwho asked to come off the bench to help the team, gives a different look to the game. Toughen upin turn, returning to that generator role (10 assists), which he liked so much. The four of the quintet didn’t work. They had to measure stars.

James Harden tries to drive to the basket against Wembanyama

A different rhythm

Clippers and Spurs were not so unequal on the court. He rhythm imposed by the players from Los Angeles, the league’s elite, was difficult to match. In addition to External accuracy and shot creation. Night and day. Some young people trying to create a project against some proven and established stars.

Toughen up, erratic (4/12 field goals), decided to direct the game, with Kawhi and Paul George as executors. Theis, who arrived due to Plumlee’s injury, It will give a plus to the painting and rim protection, something much needed by the Clippers.

In turn, Wembanyama He didn’t feel comfortable from the start.. Errant since the triple (0/4), he didn’t find a way to hurt the visitors in a game to forget. Spurs’ ninth consecutive defeat They are already looking at the next draft.



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