IRebuilding processes are difficult in the NBA. Players with enormous talent are forced to live with defeat every night and with little ambition. It is the case that Victor Wembanyama that, despite accumulating 18 consecutive games without winning, guarantees exposure at the best level every night.

Los 30 points, 13 rebounds, 6 blocks and 4 triples at the defeat against the Lakers (119-122) They dispel the doubts that have been hanging in the air in recent weeks. San Antonio's drama doesn't allow him to shine and compete as he would like. Very alone, almost without help, he shows every night why he was number 1 in the last Draft and one of the most special players in history.

And all this, in front of a Anthony Davis reminiscent of 2020 and his previous phase at the Pelicans that I took advantage of LeBron falls. The interior of Los Angeles is colossal to hit the table and show the world that the Lakers are also candidates for everything. I finished with 37 points, 10 rebounds and 4 steals.

The Spurs have risen… finally

We're so used to seeing San Antonio get excited that it's almost strange to think about them competing. They did this, and in what way before the new World Cup champions. Accompanied by a sensational Keldon Johnson (who finished with 28 points), Wembanyama began doing damage near the rim, at mid-range as he likes, and punishing whatever gap he had left in the triple. Also good performance Great Branham.

Los Lakers They didn't know how to stop him. Even Davis, one of the best defenders of the last decade, had difficulty guessing the Frenchman's movements. On the Los Angeles side, with LeBron's absence, the less familiar took a step forward. Reddish and Prince, who come from good games, helped the score.

Star duel between Anthony Davis and Victor WembanyamaADAM DAVISEFE

The golds and purples they had control of the game. With an advantage close to 20 points in the last stretch, the final sprint of San Antonio (30-45) It wasn't enough to break the losing streak and add their 18th consecutive defeat. From 3-2 to 3-20. A historical drama.

All this, despite a Victor Wembanyama who insists on reminding us every night because it is the most special talent in the world. The Frenchman, beyond all logic, once again leaves an exhibition without a prize.