ANDat the Petra Sports Unihistoric club of Mallorca, Indignation is felt after the expulsion of one of their coaches in a youth game (Group F of the First Regional) after his coach, Miquel Santandreu, was sent off by the referee designated for the match, Laura Santosfor speaking in Catalan and not Spanish.

The game report, in charge of referee Laura Santos, indicates that “during halftime, the head coach… after noticing my communication in Spanish and being reprimanded for addressing me with the words 'this is embarrassing', starts to address am in Catalan. When I asked him to address me in Spanish, he continued in his dialect and I began to understand a certain lack of respect.. “When I couldn’t make him stop, I decided to expel him,” the minutes state.

Petra gives her version of events

The Petra have spread a statement to transfer the club version. “During the match, our coach received a yellow card for protesting against a referee’s decision. At half-time he ended up being sent off, according to the game report, for “disobeying further instructions.”

Statement from the Mallorcan clubEU Rock

The Mallorcan club clarifies through this statement that “at half-time there was actually a conversation between our coach and the match referee, where “She told him several times 'in Spanish,' without in any case asking him to change the language in which she spoke politely to him.”they explain.

“You have to speak to me in Spanish”

Furthermore, de Petra guarantees that at a certain point in the conversation the referee addressed Santandreu as follows: “We are in Mallorca, and Mallorca is part of Spain and you have to speak to me in Spanish,” he said. something that outraged the club, adding that “It is intolerable that a football referee can be influenced, judging by the referee's report, by the fact that, in this case, a coach uses his mother tongue, where it has been official for centuries”transfer through official communication.