The band released their most recent LP in October

Dogstar stopped by Tonight's program to perform her single “Blonde”. The group, fronted by actor and bassist Keanu Reeves, delivered a powerful rendition of the anthemic track flanked by festive holiday lights.

The mid-tempo song comes from the alternative rock band's recent third album, Somewhere between the power lines and the palm trees, which arrived in October. The melancholy melody finds the band reflecting on loneliness as guitarist and vocalist Bret Domrose sings: “You can't stay here/ The way you turn the darkness into the light/ Save me/ What you gave me/ Is safety of the darkest night.”


Dogstar was formed in 1991 when drummer Robert Mailhouse, who played in Days of our lives and a part of an episode in Seinfeld, met Reeves at a supermarket and they hit it off. Reeves, by then, was already known for his roles in River Edge, Dangerous connectionsIt is Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Domrose joined in 1994. Reeves and Mailhouse appeared in Speed, and Dogstar appeared in the films Me and Will (1999) and Ellie Parker (2005). The band released an EP in 1996, as well as their debut album, Our visionary little zooand another album, Happy endingin 2000.

Dogstar began teasing his return last summer, appearing on Instagram in July 2022 with the short message: “We’re back.” The band officially announced their reunion in May and played their first live show in over two decades at Napa Valley's BottleRock Festival. The band began a tour in the fall with more dates planned for this month.



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