David Beckham’s voice repeating the words “Be honest” as he interrupts his interview for his documentary series must still be ringing in Victoria Beckham’s head.

Posh Spice released $150 T-shirts with the slogan “My dad had a Rolls-Royce” several weeks after a clip of her talking about her “working class” upbringing in David’s Netflix docu-series Beckham went viral.

In the documentary series interview, Posh tried to explain that she came from humble beginnings, stating that she grew up in a “very hard-working” family. But her husband didn’t buy the narrative she was trying to sell, interrupting her interview midway through to tell her to “be honest,” repeating, “What car did your father take you to school in?”

After some back and forth – all captured on camera – Posh Spice relented, admitting: “OK, in the 80s, my dad had a Rolls-Royce.” The moment quickly went viral, and over the weekend, she decided to turn it into merchandise.

“Now, who doesn’t love a slogan t-shirt? I make. And I must say that my question to all of you is, ‘Where did your father take you to school?’ My father brought me, yes, a Rolls-Royce”, said Victoria on TikTok. “I can’t take it anymore,” she joked in the caption.

The new t-shirts, made from “soft, organic cotton”, are now available to pre-order on the Victoria Beckham brand website. The product “embodies the playful side of the brand”, according to the website description.

Directed by Fisher Stevens, the Beckham The docuseries explores David Beckham’s time on the pitch playing for England (and losing in the World Cup), Manchester United and Real Madrid, along with the media frenzy he caused by dating and then marrying Posh Spice.

In the docuseries, the couple also addressed rumors that David had cheated early in their relationship.


“It was the most difficult period for us, because it felt like the world was against us. And here’s the thing: we were against each other, to be completely honest,” she said in the series. “Even Madrid, sometimes it felt like we were against everyone else. But we were together. we were connected. We had each other. But when we were in Spain, it didn’t feel like we had each other either. And that’s sad.”

When Stevens asked Beckham how the couple survived reports of the affair, Beckham responded, “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know how we got through it, in all honesty. Victory is everything to me. Seeing her hurt was incredibly difficult, but we are fighters. And back then, we needed to fight for each other. We needed to fight for our family, and what we had was worth fighting for.”


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