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MANILA, Philippines — Vice President Sara Duterte expressed optimism that cooperation between different Ministries of Education in Southeast Asia will lead to the development of innovative and inclusive education initiatives in the region, especially in the Philippines.

Duterte made the remarks during his official visit to the Tropical Medicine and Public Health Network (TROPMED) of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) in Malaysia.

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“We hope that the collaboration between our Ministries of Education and the SEAMEO Centers will pave the way for new programs to achieve our vision of an innovative and inclusive education system,” Duterte said in a speech.

“I believe that cooperation and collaboration can promote unity and stability for our students, our countries and the region,” he added.

Duterte also highlighted how the Philippines, in turn, is “eager to learn” from Malaysia’s successful educational strategies, as well as certain SEAMEO Centers – the SEAMEO Regional Center for Science and Mathematics Education (RECSAM), for Special Educational Needs (SEN) and TROPMED.

“Together, the experience of these three centers supports our common goal of inclusive and quality education,” Duterte said.

“Your knowledge will help us achieve our goals more quickly, especially in educational and scientific development. They also provide valuable insights for the Philippines in implementing our Matatag Agenda and curriculum,” she added.

Duterte emphasized the learning opportunities that DepEd can derive from the centers, particularly in its effort to make the science and mathematics curriculum in the country more “relevant.”

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“Making the curriculum relevant is one of our goals, and lessons on teaching science and mathematics from RECSAM can help us achieve this,” Duterte said.

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“We will also learn from SEAMEO SEN’s inclusion programs on how to ensure the well-being of all our students,” he added.