Funded local documentation

Chelsey Mutter

A Vernon couple received $10,000 to create a series of documents about diabetes.

Randi and Jason Buerfeind are talking to people in the Greater Vernon community about their experiences with type one and two diabetes. Entitled Life is sweet, living well with diabetes the series will talk to experts and people with the disease.

“In each of our episodes, we follow a specific person with diabetes,” Randi said. “One of our episodes will be someone who struggles with insulin or someone who struggles with the socioeconomic part of diabetes or someone who has a cultural aspect that they're dealing with.”

They say they want to create a resource for people with diabetes to help them better understand their medical condition. They hope it can become a tool for people to use when they receive a diagnosis.

Jason is a pharmacist and Randi is a cameraman, both spend their free time working on the series. The project is being funded by Telus Storyhive, a program that provides grants and mentorships to emerging creators in BC and Alberta.

The duo is one of 100 groups in BC and Alberta to receive a grant to produce video content.

The duo has until the end of May to complete their series, which will have 10 episodes lasting 15 to 20 minutes. Randi and Jason are still filming episodes and encourage anyone who wants to get involved to contact them. The series will premiere on Telus Optik TV in September.

Jason says he specialized in diabetes during his pharmacy training and has been a certified diabetes instructor for 12 years.

“I just want to create a resource for people to visit because I've been talking to these people for so long and I understand some of the limitations of the system and the educational limitations that exist,” Jason said.

Jason says he often tells his patients that they know their body best, and the series is allowing people to take a deep dive into their condition. How they manage their diabetes, what works for them, and what daily life is like.