The tournament, which was dedicated to the Expresso da Vitória, influenced the creation of the Libertadores and the Champions. Vasco was the first continental champion

Photo: Reproduction – Caption: Expresso da Vitória made history Vasco / Jogada10

Proud of Vasco's fans and one of Cruz-Maltino's most important titles, Sul-Americano from 1948 was adapted into a film. The documentary “The Giant's Force” presents the first continental competition between clubs in the history of football. The tournament thus inspired today's Copa Libertadores and Champions League.

The work is available on the website of the Museu da Torcida Vascaína () and is free of charge. Directed and written by Marco Antonio Rocha, the film features testimonies from Vasco's great fans such as Paulinho da Viola, Martinho da Vila, Antônio Pitanga, Sérgio Cabral and Jaguar. In fact, this band, which had names such as Barbosa and Ademir Menezes, became known as “Expresso da Vitória”.

“(Vascaín Torcida Museum) is a platform created for fans to share unforgettable moments related to Vasco. This is a way to preserve our history for future generations. The 1948 South American Championship, for all it represents, must be known by all the people of Vasco. This film is the first such a large audiovisual product about Vasco,” said Horácio Júnior, vice president for history and social responsibility at Vasco.

Different narrative and illustrations

The document does not contain 100% original narratives from the time of the fire. That's why narrator Evaldo José recreated several moves from the competition held in Chile. The images, however, are by illustrator Ray Titto, who drew the animated illustrations.

“The fire at Radio Mayrink Veiga destroyed the narrative. So, in addition to the problem of no image because the competition was not televised, there was another obstacle. With the help of Walmer Peres, Vasco's historian, I researched several newspapers and documents to find out what the most important moves were. From there I created a script that used words from the time, even English terms that were very common in soccer. The first part of the film shows how Rio's culture was dominated by Vasco's fans, praises São Januário as the main stage in the country and confirms that Vasco is already established as an anti-racist club,” said Marco Antonio Rocha.

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