US President Joe Biden belatedly joined TikTok on Sunday, marking his debut on the social media platform with a 26-second video.

The measure comes after harsh criticism from the US government of the video-sharing platform in recent years, mainly from Republicans, but also from the Biden administration.

TikTok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance and has been accused by a large number of US politicians of being a propaganda tool used by Beijing, something the company furiously denies.

In Sunday's video posted to the @bidenhq campaign account, the 81-year-old Democratic president lightly touches on topics ranging from politics to the NFL championship game.

Asked about his preference between the Super Bowl and its famous halftime show, this year headlined by singer Usher, he chooses to watch the game itself.

Asked if there is a secret conspiracy to rig the game so that pop star Taylor Swift – who is dating Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce – can use her fame to support Biden, the president jokingly leans into the baseless theory of the right-wing conspiracy.

“I would get in trouble if I told you,” he says.

Citing security concerns, several states and the federal government have banned the app on official government devices.

In Montana, a state government move to completely ban the app was recently blocked by a judge.

While the platform continues to be scrutinized by Washington, further federal action to ban or restrict use of the app appears to no longer be underway.

“It now appears that the idea of ​​a ban was being promoted more to make political points and less as a serious effort to legislate,” civil liberties lawyer David Greene recently told the British newspaper The Guardian.

As elections approach, the platform provides an outlet for young voters.

Sunday's video ends with the president being asked who he prefers: himself or Republican leader Donald Trump.

“You are kidding?” he laughs. “Biden.”