• Ukraine claims one of its soldiers fired the world’s longest sniper shot.
  • According to reports, the shot was fired 3.3 km from the Russian target.
  • If confirmed, the kill would be 0.3 miles further than the generally accepted record.

Ukraine Special Forces record world’s longest sniper kill, claiming Ukrainian soldier shot Russian fighter from 3.3 km away – Interfax-Ukraine reports.

The murder cannot be verified based on the footage provided.

The video shows a grainy outdoor scene with the target area circled and two figures visible through it. They then fire three arrows and after the second shot both characters fall down. One appears to be crawling away.

Interfax reported, citing special forces, that the sniper who took part in the shooting used a Ukrainian-made Volodar Obriyu rifle – which translates as “Lord of the Horizon.”

The unit did not provide further information, such as the date and location of the shooting.

There is no universally verified list of the longest sniper kills, although there are several generally accepted candidates.

If confirmed, the final shot would be about 0.3 miles further than the previous record, which was fired by an anonymous Canadian soldier in Iraq in 2017.

In 2022, the country’s armed forces credited another Ukrainian soldier with the world’s second-longest kill at nearly 1.7 miles from his target.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukrainian snipers have acquired an almost mythical status, with one unit taking on the nickname “Ghosts of Bakhmut.”

Their commander, who uses the call sign “Ghost”, claims to be responsible for 113 of the 558 killed by the group, all in a nine-month period.

Business Insider could not independently verify this data.

Although the public often mythologizes their work, it is exhausting,” “Ghost” told Business Insider’s Alia Shoaib.

A sniper can wait in one place for up to 16 hours waiting for a target, and the key shot itself is only a small fraction of the skills needed, he said.

“It’s nothing like American movies that romanticize the work of snipers and show it as very glamorous,” he said.


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