A despite the fact that media coverage and the focus of information have moved to other parts of the planet where there is war, such as the one being fought Israel Yes Palestine in the Gaza Strip, between Ukraine Yes Russia The horrors did not cease. The war between the two countries, which began on February 24, 2022, continues to cause the deaths of soldiers and civilians on both sides.

The sophistication of the weapons used in each war advances over the years and in the confrontation between Russia Yes Ukraine one was registered new record for an effective shot by a Ukrainian sniper against a Russian soldier.

The last record was in 2017, with 3.45 kilometers

The distance that the new record set was 3.8 kilometers. The victim was a Russian soldier who was patrolling the Ukrainian city of Bajmutaccording to British media The Sun. The previous record was 3.45 kilometers, about 400 meters less, executed by a Canadian sniper against an ISIS terrorist in Iraq in the year 2017.

“SBU snipers are rewriting the rules of global sniping, showing unparalleled skills operate effectively at notable distances,” the Ukrainian army said in an official statement.

The weapon with which this new record was recorded is a rifle called Lord of the Horizon. A sniper device of Ukrainian origin from around 180 centimeters and various calibers. It was designed by the MAYAK weapons company and its ammunition travels distances in a flatter way.

The conflict between the countries presided over by Vladimir Putin and Volodmir Zelensky will celebrate two years since its beginning on February 24, 2024 and, despite attempts at a ceasefire and possible peace, both sides continue to commit horrors in both the lands.



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