Fox NFL color commentator Troy Aikman may want to step away from social media for a while.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback turned NFL analyst is trending for his 2019 tweet following the Kansas City Chiefs' 25-22 overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday night.

Aikman's tweet was in response to The Athletic, which tweeted how quickly Mahomes was on track to break Aikman's 165 career passing yards, with Mahomes' second season as a starter coming just three games into his second season as a starter. At that point, he had amassed 60 touchdowns in 19 games (Aikman needed 62 games to throw 60 TDs).

Since Aikman fired off that tweet, Mahomes has won three Super Bowl championships, been named Super Bowl MVP three times and thrown another 159 touchdowns in just 76 games.

It can be argued that Mahomes has accomplished more in six seasons than Aikman has in 12. While he has the same number of Super Bowl titles (three) and Pro Bowl selections (six), Mahomes has two more Super Bowl MVP awards and a better winning percentage ( 77% to 56.9%), more touchdowns (219 to 165), better passer rating (103.5 to 81.6), three All-Pro selections, two NFL MVP awards and an NFL Offensive Player of the Year award.

Aikman's only advantage over Mahomes is in passing yards (32,842 to 28,424), which Mahomes could easily pass next season.

While Aikman (or really no one) could have predicted the kind of success Mahomes would have just six seasons into his career, perhaps Aikman will think twice before puffing his chest out in the future.