In the commercial, Tina Fey touts the many travel options that are apparently available on, which allows her to use a bunch of Tina Fey doubles to experience as much as possible. Although most of the stunt doubles are random commercial actors, there are a few recognizable faces that can be seen. Right off the bat, we have “30 Rock” co-star Jane Krakowski in the perfect role of “Splurgy Tina,” who wants a hotel near Beverly Hills’ famous Rodeo Drive. After that, we have a sasquatch like “Rustic Tina” who loves a cabin in Wyoming. And who is that next to Bigfoot with glasses? He is “30 Rock” co-star Jack McBrayer. Finally, it all ends with eight-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close as “Wild Tina” riding through a beautiful countryside.

Tina Fey took the mantle from fellow comedy star Melissa McCarthy, who has been the star of the travel site's commercials for some time. In fact, also had the most-watched ad during last year's Super Bowl with one of its commercials starring McCarthy (along with her husband and frequent collaborator Ben Falcone).

However, the commercial shown above is just the 30-second version that aired during the game. There's an extended version of the commercial that lasts about a minute and a half and features a handful of Tina Fey's other doubles, including “Glee” co-star Dot Jones as “Cool Mom Tina” climbing a palm tree. In fact, the longer version makes the commercial even better.