DLike wood, like wood, they say. It’s not like this? Or at least this seems to manifest itself after the outcome with the son of tiger woodsCharlie, you won Florida.

At 14 years old, Charlie has just won the FHSAA Class A high school state champion. Florida High School Athletic Association). Of course, together with your teammates Benjamin School. At the individual level, he was in 26th place, with two rounds in which he scored 78 and 76.

The son of the 15th Grand Slam champion can be proud to hold a title his father never won. However, this statement has a problem. California did not hold a high school tournament of this nature when Tiger was his son’s age.whose handicap is believed to be close to zero.

What Woods senior did was win the US Junior Amateur when he was just 15 years old, a milestone for the time.

Father and son, the best team

The Woods have played a few tournaments together in the past, such as the PNC Championship, a family golf classic that has been played in Orlando since 1995 and this provides the opportunity for parents and children to experience green.

“There are no words to describe it. These are memories for a lifetime,” Tiger acknowledged recently, but not before stating that he always made a direct recommendation to his son. “Nor copy my swing; copy Rory McIlroy“, he assumes.


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