ANDThe start of TGL will have to wait “until the beginning of 2025”after giving up the dome of the place where the virtual league of golf professionals created by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. The incident occurred just a few days ago, although it has now been determined that a long-term delay is best.

The competition The start is scheduled for January 9th, a date for which it will be impossible to have everything ready, which will imply another series of insurmountable calendar problems. According to a TGL statement, “the decision came after “review short-term solutions, possible construction deadlines, player schedules, and prime time sports television.”.

Events must be played on SoFi Centera custom stadium on the State College Palm Beach (Florida) campus, but A partial power outage last Tuesday caused the dome to shrivel and collapse. According to the TGL statement, “there were no injuries and most technology was not affected.”

Jon Rahmwho would initially be one of the participants, announced a few weeks ago that he would not be in this edition because he could not commit to the events calendar.

The league consists of six teams (24 players), with matches on certain Mondays of the year. According to the format, each day two teams would face each other over 15 virtual holes shooting against a screen (nine in an alternating shot format and six individual holes). A simulator approximately 20 times larger than a standard simulator is used for duels and there is also a variable green area.


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