ANDBarcelona has marked a roadmap for the future of the bench azulgrana. There are several possible scenarios and these will be resolved depending on the team's progress. What is clear is that Xavi Hernandez leave office on June 30th. The announcement was made after the defeat in Montjuc against Villarreal and there is no going back. Neither on the part of the coach nor on the part of the Board, no matter how good the role played in the Champions League.

Xavi announces that he will leave Bará on June 30th

From here, many names come into play, such as Roberto de Zerbi, Hansi Flick, Rafa Mrquez, Jurgen Klopp, Arteta or Motta. There are those who are in a better position and others who have already been discarded by the club, despite their names appearing in various media. The Sports Directorate is clear about the roadmap to follow.

Bad results

The first scenario is that the results of the next games are not good. May the team continue losing points in the League compared to Madrid or that there will be an unexpected elimination, because everyone at Barcelona hopes to reach the quarter-finals, against Naples, in the Champions League. This could see Xavi leave. Despite the words of support he always receives from Laporta, what the president will not do is listen to Montjuc's public cry against him. And Xavi is his first shield.

Rafael M.

Rafa Márquez, coach of Bara Atlético.FCB

The subsidiary coach

The decision they have in mind would be to put Rafa Márquez on the bench until the end of the season and the Mexican will be delighted. It would be the emergency solution to end a year in which no titles were won and avoid more shouting in the stadium. That is the hope that at least the Barça president has if the results are not good. What they are also sure of is that the Mexican will not continue next season and will look for a new coach.

By Zerbi and Flick

From June onwards, the new tenant of the cucumber stand would come into action. At the moment there are two coaches who are in a better position compared to the rest and they are Roberto de Zerbi and Hansi Flick. They are the two who like the Sports Directorate and Laporta the most. There hasn't been a specific offer yet, waiting to see what the Financial Fair Play situation will be like and how they can tell the new coach what he will have next year.

Roberto de Zerbi, Brighton coach.

Roberto de Zerbi, Brighton coach.

Arguments for and against

I really like Zerbi. His sporting proposal is very good with a taste for offensive football. He is having a great campaign at Brighton; He is also young and eager to win titles. He will not be an expensive coach, although there is the problem of having a contract in place with his current club. This is an advantage for Flick, who is currently free. It is a representative of the German current that Laporta likes so much. On the other hand, he has difficulty betting on young players and is no longer such a young coach at 58 years old. They say he is studying Spanish to come to Barcelona.

Klopp explains his goodbye to Liverpool: “I want to rest”

Klopp on vndr

These two are the ones with the greatest chances of being at Barcelona next season. There are others that have already been discarded by the club. This is the case of Jurgen Klopp, a coach who has been in the president's mind for some time. However, the German was very clear when he said that want a sabbatical to recover lost energy. And in Can Bara they want a coach full of energy.

Motta was never an option

There was also talk Thiago Mottabut the truth is that his name was never among the candidates, despite the good relationship that Deco had with him during his playing days. Mikel Arteta is loved at Can Bara, but the problem here is with the manager who wants to stay at Arsenal. Your chances of him breaking off the engagement are slim.