If you don't want to build your PC from scratch, due to lack of time or technical knowledge, opting for a pre-built PC is an excellent option. To that end, this iBuyPower desktop PC is perfect for any gamer looking for a midrange gaming rig. It has a relatively powerful GPU that should let you handle 2K games at high refresh or graphics settings, and it has enough VRAM to be future-proof. While the iBuyPower Y40 311A ​​normally costs $2,350, Best Buy has with big discount, up to $1,600so it's worth picking up if you're interested.

Internally, this iBuyPower PC runs an RTX 4070 Ti, which is slightly more powerful than an RTX 3080, and an excellent GPU for 1440p gaming. This means you will easily reach maximum graphics quality while maintaining around 100-120 frames per second in most AAA games. You can also run it in 4K, and it won't be a slouch, but you'll have to compromise on graphics settings to stay at more than 100 frames.

Fortunately, you get an equally powerful AMD Ryzen 7 7700X, which is a mid-to-high-end CPU that handles most games perfectly. It will also allow you to do some productivity and editing work, making this a pretty versatile desktop. As if that wasn't enough, you also get 32GB of DDR5 RAM, which is plenty and great for those who like to keep a lot of tabs and apps open. As for storage, you get a 1TB NVMe and a 1TB HDD, so you have plenty for gaming and general file storage.

iBuyPower PC even includes a mouse and keyboard for free. That said, they are not great quality and we suggest getting something better which won't cost you much more if you check out our roundup of the best gaming mouse under $50 and the best gaming keyboard under $100. Additionally, If this iBuyPower PC doesn't work for you, there are other great gaming PC deals you can check out as well.

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