Despus 26 years since the premiere of 'Martian Chronicles' on Telecinco, many viewers were looking forward to the turn back from Javier Sard's legendary show to the small screen. To the, 'Martian Chronicles: the reunion' It seemed like the perfect time for Mediaset to recover from the audience crisis and the truth is that the networks' reaction was unanimous.

The truth is that the broadcast does not mean that the format will return regularly, but rather that it was simply dedicated to remembering the best moments of its history. more than 1,200 programs until its end in July 2005. Nothing was missing from this return, except two faces that were once distinctive marks of the space: Boris Izaguirre and Manel Fuentes. Both, with contracts at Atresmedia, sent messages that were published in 'Crnicas Marcianas: el reencuentro'.

Agreement between users after watching 'Martian Chronicles: the reunion'

For the return of the program there was JAvier Crdenas, Roco Madrid or Carlos Latre himself, who once again demonstrated his ability to imitate and give a very characteristic touch of humor. And amidst so much nostalgia, the networks pointed out the same thing: “I remember as a child I secretly watched 'The Martian Chronicles'. There was something that trapped you on the screen. It was one of the most bizarre programs in the history of this country. No filter. “With language, comments and behavior that will not be accepted in 2023.”

“It was, in its time, the greatest example of hooligan, transgressive and daring TV,” said another user about the Telecinco special with Javier Sard again at the helm of the popular program. In fact, some comments that can be read.

Most users say that 'Martian Chronicles' was synonymous with “freedom” and that after almost 20 years since its end at Telecinco, the remaining entertainment spaces are 'stuck' with the fact that there are certain themes, jokes and forms of performance that are not well seen on a television network.