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Vacations are the perfect time to spend time with your loved ones and reflect on the year that has passed before we do it all again – and luxury gifts are a great way to give people tangible things that you can point to and say 'I love you, so many dollars that are worth,' a la michael scott. Seriously, though, spending a little to buy a gift for a loved one, someone you admire, or even yourself for the holidays can be fun.

The best luxury gifts to buy online this holiday season

Here are our picks for the best luxury gifts for anyone you want to spoil a little. (Or a lot). We sort pricey deals from big retailers like Amazon, as well as luxury products from smaller brands and everything in between. Lastly, we ensure that all products have been tested and liked by our editors and/or have received at least a 4/5 star rating from customers.

1. A better looking TV


We can debate which TV has the best picture quality or the best technology all day long, but no TV looks as good as the Samsung Frame. When switched off, the elegant TV transforms into a framed image thanks to its unique matte screen (i.e. less glare). It's a decorator's best friend, but anyone would be happy to replace their monstrous flat screen with the Frame.

2. The most famous candles


Few gifts are as universally loved as Diptyque candles. The famous scented candles are a little too expensive for most of us to keep stocked with our own money—although we'd love to—which makes them so great as gifts. Grab this best-selling Feu de Bois (firewood) perfume from Nordstrom.

3. A statement bag


Rimowa suitcases are some of the most recognizable suitcases on the market, making them a great luxury gift for any traveler on your gift list. This hybrid polycarbonate version of the brand's cabin is incredibly durable (we think it looks better with a few scratches), but also much more stylish than your typical soft suitcase.

4. A great bottle of whiskey

Reservation Bar

Buying for a whiskey lover? Grab a bottle of this Redbreast Lustau. For this edition, the Irish brand “if you know you know” finished its single pot still liquid in barrels of Oloroso Sherry. This final step addition further highlights the fruity and sweet flavor profile that enthusiasts love about Redbreast. Additionally, you can deliver it to a recipient's home with ReserveBar.

5. A red light therapy mask

Sol Home Saunas

The gift of self-care is hard to beat, and if the recipient is interested in cutting-edge skin care gadgets, this will definitely earn you a place in their good books. Red light therapy has been, and continues to be, a popular form of treatment that can help improve overall skin health — and that's no different with Sun Home's DIY Radiant Face Mask. What sets this mask apart from all the others you've probably seen on the market is that it features five wavelengths (think: red, deep red, amber, near infrared, It is blue) that have different benefits for the skin.

6. A Scandinavian cushion

Design at your fingertips

This Knot cushion by Nordic designer Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir (we can't pronounce it either) has become a go-to for in-the-know designers. And it's easy to see why: it's a fun version of the pillow that works in almost any room, providing a whimsical touch without drawing too much attention.

7. Noise Canceling Headphones


We recommend AirPods for almost everyone holiday shopping, but if you want the best Apple has to offer, choose the AirPods Max. The headphones offer premium sound quality and top-notch noise cancellation (great for planes and noisy offices), but they're also better looking than most headphones.

8. A robust electric bike


The popularity of electric bikes has exploded recently and almost everyone would be happy to buy one this holiday season. If you want to equip someone with an electric ride, we suggest this new Revv 1 from Ride1Up. The moped-style e-bike tops out at around 30 miles per hour (in our testing) and has a rugged, off-road-ready construction to tackle any terrain.

9. The latest and greatest gaming console


10. Best breakfast


A good espresso machine can improve someone's entire day. One such machine is Breville's best-selling Barista Express. The sleek machine features a built-in grinder and milk frother, essentially turning your giftee into their own in-house barista. And the best part is that Barista Express is very easy to use, so you don't have to worry about the recipient having the chops to make an espresso.

11. An incredibly soft shirt

Nude Cashmere

Here's a luxurious and cozy gift they'll use regularly. The Asher Shirt from Naked Cashmere is made from 100% premium cashmere, but looks like a casual shirt you'd wear to the office or running errands. Your giftee can rock pants and boots under a coat in the winter, or over a t-shirt with jeans and sneakers on warmer weekends, and feel ultra-comfortable either way.

12. An iconic chair

Flip through any recent design magazine and you'll likely see the Togo Fireside Chair featured at least once. The iconic seventies chair is back in fashion and is being used in a wide variety of interior styles. Plus, like all iconic furniture pieces, Fireside is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

13. The most sought after hair dryer


The Dyson hairdryer is the perfect gift for when you want to give someone something they'll actually use. I've been using my Dyson Airwrap for a few years now and it really is one of the best for quickly styling your hair and keeping it tight all day. Dyson's supersonic hairdryer is just as good, with new accessories that come with the hairdryer. The Supersonic is great for drying hair quickly, with smart heat control to limit damage (i.e. no need to fry your hair here). Use the Supersonic to help reduce frizz and keep your hair healthy, even when drying it.

14. Softer hands


Luxury gifts don't have to be above a certain price point to be considered luxurious – receiving gifts you wouldn't normally justify to yourself is always a fun surprise. This classic Chanel hand cream is a must-have gift for me every year. It's not sticky, it's super moisturizing, it smells great, and it has the luxurious Chanel look without breaking the bank. Some other fun alternatives are the Chanel cotton pillows and the Boy de Chanel lip balm.

15. A sumptuous scarf


Thick scarves are an easy and really warm way to elevate your winter look, and this Loewe scarf goes with any look. It's a simple white mohair and wool scarf, but that leather patch with the Loewe anagram makes it the perfect 'quiet luxury' gift.

16. A better kettle


This stainless steel kettle is perfect for anyone who loves bringing fun designs into their home. It features Alessi's signature kettle bird whistle on the spout and looks great when in use, but can also double as a piece of home decor.

17. A great watch


Watches have been and probably always will be great gifts. If you can give your giftee something sophisticated, we love this Omega Seamaster. It's the James Bond edition of the Swiss classic, with a design inspired by the most famous (and stylish) spy in the world and assisted by Daniel Craig himself. But most viewers wouldn't know the watch is special; they would just see an elegant and robust diver's watch.

18. A bag

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta's woven leather bags are, without a doubt, one of the “in” bags of the moment, and that's not surprising. The design is understated but instantly recognizable and of extremely high quality. If you know someone who needs a stylish new bag, treat them to this Mini Wallace Bottega bag.

19. Sophisticated glassware


Glassware is an oft-overlooked MVP on any gift list—and the fancier the better. This year, we've got our eyes on this set of old-school crystal glasses from one of the most famous glass brands, Baccarat.

20. High-Quality Toiletries

Neiman Marcus

Another great gift for the jet-setter on your list is this toiletry kit from Aēsop. It's a huge upgrade from the typical travel toiletries most of us buy on the way to the airport, and the recipient will be so grateful when they take their first post-flight shower using these luxurious hair and body products.

21. A cozy blanket


Blankets are another easy gift idea that works for just about anyone, no matter how well you know them. We like this one from SFERRA, which features a herringbone pattern in several fun colors.

22. An elevated cold plunge


Cold pools have exploded recently as a way to speed athletic recovery, improve immune health, and just feel good in general. While you can fill a bathtub with ice, it's much better to get a dedicated backyard pool. If you know a cold plunge fan, buy this Rolls Royce of cold tubs: Plunge. It quickly cools water down to 39°F, feels great, and has a very solid build quality.

23. Best-selling sheets


Almost everyone is happy to receive a new set of sheets. These Percale sheets from Parachute are one of the best out there, featuring a lightweight, breathable feel. Even better, Parachute offers some unique and stylish colors that make the sheets even better for gifting.


24. No more picking up trash


This Litter-Robot 4 eliminates every cat owner's least favorite task: picking up litter. The WIFI-enabled smart device automatically separates clumps into a sealed drawer that traps odor and makes cleaning easy. What's more, the device even tracks your cat's weight and bathroom habits, automatically alerting you to any worrying patterns.

25. Everyone's favorite flip-flops


We've yet to meet anyone who doesn't like UGG's Scuffette II flip-flops. The suede upper is supple and has a premium feel, while the star of the show—the slippers' sheepskin collar and insole—provide cozy warmth while you relax at home. They also have rubber soles, which we like for, say, quick walks with the dog or taking out the trash.



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