On Tuesday (12), the Senate plenary approved a 120-day extension of the Internal Temporary Commission on Artificial Intelligence (CTIA). REQ 1,102/2023 was presented by the president of the collegiate, Senator Carlos Viana (Podemos-MG), who justified the proposal by the complexity of the topic. The group was assembled on August 16, and the deadline was next Thursday (14). Thanks to the extension, the commission will operate until April.

The Collegiate is considering the projects included in the final report of the Commission of Lawyers responsible for financing the preparation of the Deputy for Artificial Intelligence in Brazil and possible new projects regulating this issue. The proposals being analyzed include the draft Act (PL) 5.051/2019, which establishes rules for the use of artificial intelligence in Brazil; ABOUT PL 5.691/2019, which establishes a National Artificial Intelligence Policy; and PL 2.338/2023which regulates the use of artificial intelligence.

For example, divided into nine chapters, PL 2,338/2023 presents the concepts, foundations and principles of the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in Brazil, the rights of people affected by artificial intelligence systems, and lays down rules for categorizing threats possibly contained in artificial intelligence systems that need to be identified through a preliminary assessment. The author is Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), President of the Senate and the rapporteur, Senator Eduardo Gomes (PL-TO)

“Given the complexity and diversity of topics surrounding this case, CTIA held more than a dozen public hearings and heard from approximately seventy experts. In order to issue an appropriate opinion, it is necessary to examine in detail all important comments received, including the proposals regarding the PLs analyzed, which should be done not only from a technical point of view, but also from an economic point of view, with a view to the best way to protect individual and collective rights. The aim is to ensure the implementation of safe and reliable systems that also guarantee scientific and technological development,” Viana states in the justification of the proposal.

The vice president of CTIA is astronaut senator Marcos Pontes (PL-SP). The rapporteur is Senator Eduardo Gomes.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)



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