EXCLUSIVE: Platige image (The magician) and Monte Diabo, together with The Wheel of Timeexecutive producer Mike Weber, are working on a TV series based on Another landthe 4-book series by Tad Williams.

Another land (the books and their TV adaptation) are described as “an epic cyberpunk fantasy adventure.” The summary says: “The world as we know it has an added layer here – hyper-realistic virtual reality arenas that have become a new place for fun, work, education, but also for debauchery, crime and abuse. The mysterious Another landsupposedly another layer of the network, it becomes a mere starting point for a cross-domain adventure.

Its Inception-like mechanics contain a series of kingdoms, some eerily similar to the world we know, others bizarre groups of creations and familiar characters. Among them are intergalactic taverns, medieval fantasies and World War I battlefields, to name a few.”

“I believe Tad has written the definitive work on the conflict between the human experience and technological advances,” Weber said in an exclusive statement to Deadline. “It portrays a not-so-distant future where the choice between living in the real world or the virtual world becomes a choice between life and death. The prescient themes and fantastical characters give Another land all the bases of a next-level sci-fi drama series adaptation.

Weber is considered the architect of The Wheel of Time series having first brought the project to Sony Pictures TV and overseeing development and production after the project was sold to Amazon. Based in London, he continues to oversee Wheel who is currently filming the third season, as well as serving as executive producer on Sony's ongoing show Jumanji film franchise. He is represented by UTA.

Platige Image, the studio behind The magician and its collaboration in Love, Death and Robots, has a history that spans more than two decades. They are best known for their innovative techniques in the field of animation and visual effects and with gaming film credits including Exodus from the Metro, Cyberpunk 2077 It is Call of Duty: Warzone.

Content broker and co-producer Mount Devil was founded in 2020 to identify and acquire exceptional ideas, licenses and stories to develop into series and/or films.

O Another land The production team has received financial support from Creative Europe Media and is interviewing writers/showrunners.